Odd Toddler #1

Piggle is a strange child, and I’d like to think he got a lot of it from me; however, even I am not as bizarre as he can be. Maybe it’s just him, or perhaps all toddlers are odd creatures. Either way, there is never a dull moment when the boy is around.

Recently, he’s taken a liking to extreme dizziness. Possibly because it gives him the perfect excuse to walk into walls and fall on his ass without questioning looks from me. I’ll never know what he finds so appealing about feeling drunk without a liter of booze in him, but then, he also enjoys eating cheerios that have been stuffed in a couch cushion for three weeks…


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  1. Loved the video and that was too cute and funny. Both my girls went through a similar phase and just loved when we spun them around enough to make them dizzy. Just a toddler thing I guess, but definitely funny :)

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